Do you need to go on a trip and don't know what to do with that  special          dog or cat of yours? Well.....bring them on over to "Camp  Waggin'  Tails". We have a full time boarding caregiver to take care of  your pets every need including administering medication for a small  additional fee. For "Fido" we have 9 runs with doggie doors for campers  to freely move inside to  outside all day long. We close the doors for  their protection at  night. 6 additional "indoor only" runs are  available for a more secure  and comfortable setting for smaller  or elderly dogs that may prefer a  quieter more secluded environment.  Every camper is walked or turned out  into one of two exercise runs at  least twice daily. 

If your dog is of the smaller size we have doggie suites  that will fit the bill. All dogs in Camp Waggin' Tails  will get at least two leisurely breaks from their rooms,  a chance to get out and enjoy the sun and stretch their  legs. We make sure that camp rooms are kept clean and  that the bedding is soft and comfortable. Just right  for those long dreamy naps your dog enjoys. Of course, they get room service for breakfast and dinner. Fresh water is delivered morning and night.

Call for Pricing. 

 For  everyone's protection all dogs need to be up-to-date on  their  DHLPP, Bordetella, and Rabies. Dogs that have never had a  vaccination  and are over three months of age, need to have their first  DHLPP given  at least 1 month prior to boarding and the 2nd done 3-4  weeks later. If you have a puppy, we can accept him only after he or  she has  finished their puppy series (at 4 months of age).  If your pet  has  never had a Bordetella vaccination for kennel cough, it would need  to  be administered at least 10 days prior to boarding. The Rabies vaccination needs to be up-to-date. Dogs recently adopted from the   Humane Society or a Rescue organization cannot board for at least 2  months after adoption and have had all the required vaccinations (as explained above). All vaccinations need to have been  administered by a licensed veterinarian at least 10 days before  boarding. Please bring proof of vaccination with you or fax it to  us prior to boarding for review. Our Fax number is: (509) 276-9787.

We  cannot accept aggressive and badly misbehaving campers or females that may be in heat. We  appreciate  your understanding in our efforts to keep all our campers  (and staff)  safe and protected! We have an excellent, healthy facility  and our  high standards will keep it that way! 

For those wonderful cats in your life, we offer kitty condos. The beds are always soft and catnaps are a common occurrence. Kitty's too are given        fresh water, with breakfast and dinner in bed! The bathrooms are cleaned        whenever needed, so  rooms always smell fresh. We've recently added a Kitty Play Area where cats of the same family can frolic around a bit  and stretch themselves, play with toys or prowl around the 10 x 15 foot room  (they love the empty boxes).  Cats too need to be up-to date on their vaccinations (FVRCP-Felv and Rabies). We have 2 larger suites  (cages) where 2 cats could stay together if they like to be cozy.

Please call if you have any questions, to book a reservation or wish us to send you a Camp Waggin' Tails brochure (509) 276-5091. Please call for Pricing.